GDI Assists Lara Elementary School in Website Launch

Traveloka Helps Lara Elementary School Launch Official Site
August 30, 2017
Lara Elementary School Receives Assistance for Website Continuity
January 4, 2018

The official website of Lara Elementary School has officially gone online. Key to this development was the assistance of the GDI SEO Company . The firm facilitated the procurement of the technical resources necessary for establishing the school’s official online presence.

The website is intended for use in posting real0time announcements, showcasing the school’s activities and providing information about the school’s personnel. In the future, it may become an interactive learning environment where students and teachers can “meet” online and hold classes.

Through the website, Lara Elementary School’s accomplishments, information and activities can be featured. Announcements are also planned to be posted on it to allow school administrators to spread the word in real time when there are class suspensions due to natural calamities.”

“We’re very grateful to the GDI team for their spirit of community service,” says the school principal. “Having a website is extremely important these days and we are thrilled to be one of the first public schools in Pampanga to be given our own.”

For its part, GDI expressed pride in being a contributor to the school’s milestone. “I’m elated to see that this project has finally bore fruit,” says Mr. Glen Dimaandal, CEO of the GDI SEO Company. A lot of people think that websites are high-tech and only rich schools can have them. As a matter of fact, websites should be a standard of every business and school in the world. We are only providing to schools in the area what we’ve always felt they should have had all along.”

GDI plans to help more schools in the province of Pampanga launch their own websites through its charity programs. The GDI SEO Company is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization and content marketing. It is located in San Fernando, Pampanga.