Community Service

Lara Elementary School is an active participant in the affairs of its host barangay and the City of San Fernando. As an academic institution, our responsibilities to the people around us go far beyond what we teach within the campus. We constantly look out for opportunities to extend whatever help we can in humanitarian, civic and festive activities within our locality.

We may not be able to extend financial assistance to the causes we support, but we are enthusiastic about providing help in kind and in the form of manpower from our faculty and students whenever possible. Here are just some examples of causes that we frequently participate in:

  • Cleanup drives
  • Health missions
  • Alay Lakad
  • Relief operations
  • Elections
  • Evacuation during natural disasters
  • Tree-planning
  • Recycling
  • Cultural events and festivals

Our acts of community service are in line with our Core Values. We believe that while academics are vital to the development of our students, it is equally important that they grow up to be compassionate and patriotic individuals with genuine care for the country, nature and their fellow men.