Lara Elementary School and Cash Mart Philippines Collaborates for Website Continuity

The existence of the official website of Lara Elementary School is not possible without the assistance package from the Cash Mart Philippines.

Several months ago, the school launched the website that requires annual renewals of its web hosting and domain registration plans. Unfortunately, these items are not included in the public school budgets. Thankfully, Cash Mart Philippines gives out funds to make the necessary purchases.

Under its corporate social responsibility program, Cash Mart Philippines provides assistance to organizations and institutions that represent valuable causes. One of these is education. That’s why the assistance for Lara Elementary School website is quickly processed and easily approved.

Cash Mart Philippines received a warm welcomed from the school officials and they wish for its constant existence for the better future of the school.

The main purpose of website construction is to provide the general public about school information and programs. For future plans, it is aimed to be an online property for an interactive learning resource that the faculty and student body can use.

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