Lara Elementary School Receives Assistance for Website Continuity

Lara Elementary School has received an assistance package from RS Components that would help the school ensure its official website’s existence for the foreseeable future.

The website, which was launched several months ago, will require annual renewals of its web hosting and domain name registration plans. These are items which are not included in typical public school budgets and as such, would have to come from other sources.

Under its corporate social responsibility program, RS Components Philippines provides assistance to organizations and institutions that represent worthwhile causes. Education is among the company’s favored causes, which made the decision to provide assistance to Lara Elementary School a quick and easy one.

“This gesture from RS Components is a welcome one for us,” says Mrs. Jennifer S. Lumanug, Principal at Lara Elementary School. “We are happy to know that our school website will continue to exist and serve the school for years to come.”

As currently constructed, the website provides the general public with information about the school and its programs. For the future, plans are being considered to make the online property an interactive learning resource that the faculty and the student body can use.

RS Components is the trading arm of Electrocomponents plc, a UK-based company that’s regarded globally as one of the most reliable suppliers of engineering products. RS offers a complete array of engineering products including sensors, electrical equipment, measuring and testing tools, hand tools, safety gear and much more.