Lara Elementary School Receives More Website Assistance From Supporters

Official website of Lara Elementary School has been granted with website assistance by a local SEO specialist in the Philippines as the website requires continuous web hosting, domain name renewal, and constant back-end maintenance in 2019. This would help the elementary school ensure its website’s existence in the coming years.

Public schools have a restricted budget but this does not entail that they can’t have a proper website where they can introduce their school, academic, civic and sports activities. Website visitors can also see the welcoming photos of the students, the school’s academic system, vision, and mission.

With the help of its supporters, Philippine public schools will be able to share awareness, cooperation, and competitiveness.

Being a public school, Lara Elementary School is a child-friendly school which has always been providing free primary education to children in its community and the surrounding areas. As mandated by the Department of Education, the school strives to teach academic excellence and character-building lessons.

Fervil Von, a marketing specialist offering outsourced local SEO services, joins website support for Lara Elementary School. His digital marketing team works to help home builders and local contractors optimize their websites to get a better online presence.

“We are compelled to inspire more young Filipinos to venture towards using technology and make lives better with it”, according to Fervil Von. With its social responsibility program, the marketing specialist is looking forward to helping more public schools gain online presence and benefit from it in various ways.